LDNY Spotlight: Breaking The Silence

BREAKING THE SILENCE January 19th, 2021 Dame Melanie Young, Founder/Host of The Connected Table Live Radio recently facilitated a virtual discussion to provide employers and employees with best practices for preventing, recognizing and addressing harassment of all kinds in the hospitality industries. Panelists included Taryn Abrahams, Saru Jayaraman, Theodora Lee, Ashley Oberdorff, Alpana Signh and

LDNY Spotlight: How Martha Teichner, CBS Correspondent, Spends Her Sundays

Meet LDNY Dame Martha Teichner January 22nd, 2021

LDNY Announcement: New Charitybuzz LDNY Partnership

A Great Opportunity to Raise Scholarship Funds  Charitybuzz, an organization with global access to individuals who want – and are willing to pay for – the best of the best, is partnering with LDNY!  This means our members and their networks can raise significant amounts of money, by contributing one-of-a-kind experiences, exclusive access to special