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Fundraiser for Ukraine at ICE


January 19th, 2021

Dame Melanie Young, Founder/Host of The Connected Table Live Radio recently facilitated a virtual discussion to provide employers and employees with best practices for preventing, recognizing and addressing harassment of all kinds in the hospitality industries. Panelists included Taryn Abrahams, Saru Jayaraman, Theodora Lee, Ashley Oberdorff, Alpana Signh and Lauren Taylor.

Karen Bieler, Editor in Chief SevenFifty Daily


Weathering the pandemic, pivoting to new business models and practices, conducting virtual tastings, the creation of wine clubs and more Panelists included Anna Christina Cabrales, Gabriela Davogustto, Christy Frank, Samara Rivers, and Dia Simms.

A Great Opportunity to Raise Scholarship Funds 

Charitybuzz, an organization with global access to individuals who want – and are willing to pay for – the best of the best, is partnering with LDNY!  This means our members and their networks can raise significant amounts of money, by contributing one-of-a-kind experiences, exclusive access to special events, and extraordinary products.  

Note that these experiences do NOT have to be limited to New York, or even US based.  Since bidders come from – and can easily go – anyplace in the world to enjoy their winning auction lot!

Food & Wine is the first curated auction we will participate in – running from July 20th – August 5th.  It’s easy – Charitybuzz builds and manages the site and promotes it to its customers.  Lots must be finalized by mid-June, to allow for copy to be written, images to be gathered and all necessary approvals from everyone involved.  

Here’s how you can help Charitybuzz customers: 

Past auction lots have included: 

This is a fantastic way to bring in scholarship funds, while elevating your or your client’s personal brands due to the buzz-building nature of this initiative.

Do you have personal or professional access to people or places that would attract big bucks in an auction? LET US KNOW!

Please contact Dame Francine Ryan with questions and ideas, at, 917.796.7586

Meet LDNY Dame Martha Teichner

January 22nd, 2021

Will the Coronavirus Make Restaurants Like Mine Extinct?

If it can, the devastated industry should start from scratch after the epidemic and finally take care of its workers.

By Amanda Cohen

Last week, I laid off all 30 of my employees and closed the restaurant I’ve run for over a decade, Dirt Candy. I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with many of these people every night for years.

I’ve lost a family. They’ve lost their jobs.

If I knew the coronavirus lockdown would last two or three weeks I would have kept them on the payroll, but we have no idea how long this will last. A month? Two? Six? After three weeks of issuing payroll checks while earning no income, I would have an empty bank account. And if that happens, I’ll never reopen.
During the shutdown, I’m still expected to pay my rent, my insurance and my utility bills. Even if some of those bills can be deferred, that just means when I reopen I’d be carrying a load of debt I wouldn’t be able to pay down.

Some restaurants are offering deliveries, but the money that business would bring in wouldn’t equal what my staff could receive in unemployment benefits, which, because Dirt Candy had a no-tipping policy and paid a higher hourly wage instead, will be near the top of the scale.

Now we’re in limbo. I can be prepared to reopen, but when? How much debt will I be carrying? Will there be a relief fund for restaurants? Debt forgiveness? Bailout money? And who decides how it gets apportioned? Nothing is certain.

Dame Maria Loi, Total Food Service and Maria Loi Estiatorio, NYC


Introducing Maria Loi, Q&A in Total Food Service

Maria Loi’s column Mediterranean Menu Trends premiered in the May, 2021 digital and print issue of Total Food Service, following her cover feature Q&A in April,  She will be sharing her food philosophy centered around the healthy Greek-Mediterranean diet and lifestyle in her monthly column. 

Joyce Appelman is now the Editor of the SCOOP News column and Senior Contributing Writer covering Media, Education and Careers for Total Food Service.  If you are not familiar with this B2B publication, check it out at  and hit her up if you have pitches or news that she can bring to readers.

Also Featuring

Dame Joyce Appelman, Total Food Service

Dame Jo-Ann Makovitzky



Staff, safety, and infrastructure build a better culture

Layla Khoury-Hanold

December 16, 2020

Featuring Dames

Jo-Ann Makovitzky & Barbara Sibley

Dame Barbara Sibley

Layla Khoury-Hanold (@words_with_layla) writes for @JamesBeard Good Food For Good, gathering up helpful suggestions and tools, asking chefs/restaurateurs — Charleen Badman @FnBrestaurant, Christina Nguyen @Hai Hai and @Hola Arepa, Simon Kim @Cote, Dames Joann Makovitzky @CT and Barbara Sibley @LaPalapa — what they are doing to strengthen their businesses while keeping staff and client safe.

The Unofficial Spokesperson of Israeli Food

By Leah Koenig

In this feature article in The Tablet, food writer Leah Koenig dives into the genesis of modern Israeli cuisine, and it is not surprising to find Dame Rozanne Gold at the heart of the story.  As a young “gastronomad” scouring the world looking for good things to eat in the early 80s, Rozanne believed Israel’s food scene was the “greatest story never told.”

It’s a beautiful article that is truly a homage to a great chef and influencer.

Photo Credit Rozanne Gold

Insider Q&A: Leader for independent restaurants hit by virus

By Marcy Gordon

WASHINGTON — Amanda Cohen is a leader of the Independent Restaurant Coalition, a new lobbying group of chefs and restaurants that was formed in response to the viral pandemic. Professionally, Cohen is the chef and owner of Dirt Candy, a fine-dining vegetarian restaurant in New York City.

The Associated Press spoke recently with Cohen about the coalition, whose leadership includes many other prominent chefs, including Jose Andres, Marcus Samuelsson and Thomas Keller.

Ongoing patterns of sexual misconduct by male sommeliers and conflicts of interest in fine dining have led to the suspension of 7 members of the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas. What’s next for the women in this industry besides a public apology?

LDNY Dame Silvia Baldini shares the following on her recent feature in La Cucina Italiana:

“It is a privilege to be featured in the trend sections of La Cucina Italiana by Daniela Savone (@italiangalwithawoodenspoon). The Dolomites inspire many of my recipes, including the one featured for this article, a luxurious pink roasted venison with blueberries that I serve with creamy polenta.

Since we cannot travel, I hope this gorgeous and beautifully-written article by Daniela will transport you for a short while to the Dolomites for a breath of fresh air.

My Pink Roasted Venison with Polenta and Blueberry Jam recipe has a big place in my heart; it is as profound as my love for the Italian mountains, which I miss so very much.

This quote I shared with the author captures my sentiments perfectly: “I love the kind of eating offered in the mountains. The simple ingredients, the smell of the fireplace, and the unforgettable desserts.”

The styling by Lisa Homa (@lisahoma) and the photography by Bette Blau (@randazzoblau) for this article are regal and perfetti.”

Recipe by Silvia Baldini, Food Styling by Lisa Homa, and Photography by Bette Blau.
La Cucina Italiana with Silvia Baldini

Wine365 and Wanda Mann

A well-deserved round of applause and congrats to Dame Wanda Mann on this lovely profile piece in Wine365. “Such an honor to be the first wine writer featured in the Sunday Spotlight of the Wine 365 website.” 

Wanda Mann is the founder & editor-in-chief of the wine lifestyle website Wine With Wanda. She joined The SOMM Journal as a Contributing Editor in the summer of 2020.  Always on a quest to learn more about wine, in 2015 Wanda earned the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) credential from the Society of Wine Educators. Wanda has traveled to numerous wine regions, including Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, and Argentina. A native New Yorker, Wanda spent her junior year of high school in Barcelona, Spain with the School Year Abroad program. Her junior year of college was spent in Toledo, Spain studying at the Fundación Ortega y Gassett. Wanda is a proud graduate of Phillips Academy (Massachusetts) and Pomona College (California). Her taste in wine has improved dramatically since her college days!

LDNY Annual Scholarship Awards

Watch our recent online scholarship award ceremony for 2021 celebrating 16 scholars with 9 participating schools and partners.

On July 20th, Les Dames d’Escoffier New York announced the 2021 scholarship recipients in a virtual celebration co-chaired by Dame Kathryn Gordon and Dame Wanda Mann. 53 guests logged on to celebrate the sixteen women who were awarded nearly $80,000 in scholarships from LDNY to support their studies of culinary arts, wine & fine beverages, and hospitality. Guests were welcomed to the virtual celebration by Dame Jenifer Lang, co-president of LDNY. The event was emceed by scholarship committee co-chairs Dame Sharon Franke and Dame Jill Orent. Dame Melissa Rodriguez, an acclaimed Michelin-starred chef, shared a special message of encouragement and congratulations for the scholarship winners.   Event sponsor, The Original Green Pan, gifted each scholarship winner with a sauté pan. 

This first virtual celebration was sponsored by The Original Green Pan and awarded funds to 16 future food, fine beverage and hospitality industry leaders:

Maddalena Ahl

Javonne Alonzo

Dalila Barillas

Lucy Feng Wu

Quilla Gamarra

Chantel Hightower

Mackenzie Murray

Patricia Moran

Madeline Osovski

Alych Padro 

Christina Rivara

Nkaassaa Rochelle Render

Melissa Ruiz Diaz

Amanda Scoca

Naomii Tringali

Kristyna Zappasodi

Since 1977, LDNY has awarded more than $2 million in scholarships, many in partnership with corporate benefactors, to over 1,000 recipients. Our partners include:

  • Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP)
  • Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
  • Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
  • Institute of Culinary Education (ICE)
  • International Wine Center (IWC)
  • Kingsborough Community College
  • Montclair State University
  • New York City College of Technology (City Tech)
  • New York University (NYU)

Congratulations Dames Karen Goodlad and Liz Schaible So excited for you both as you begin new journeys!
LDNY shares news of the passing of the wine glass!
Important milestones should be celebrated!
Dame Liz Schaible retires as Chairperson of the Department of Hospitality Management at NYC City Tech (CUNY) and Dame Karen Goodlad is appointed Interim Chair. Liz led the department for 15 years and among her many accomplishments she is most proud of leading the department through a major curriculum change with the expansion of food and beverage courses including many wine classes that Karen teaches and nurtures. Most recently, Liz shepherded the department back to in person learning after a period of remote teaching. As the next Chair, Karen looks forward to ensuring tomorrow’s leaders are prepared to thrive and drive the future of our industry and plans to focus on curriculum development and bridging industry connections.


Living the Dream to Feature Prominent Women Across the Food & Beverage Industry

New York, NY – October 18, 2021 – Les Dames d’Escoffier New York (LDNY), and Penny Stankiewicz – a renowned sugar artist and 2020 Les Dames inductee, are proud to announce a new podcast series entitled LDNY Presents: Living the Dream. The eight-episode inaugural season features host Sankiewicz and noted women in the food and beverage industries from chefs to television personalities to industry executives, all sharing their unique insights into the trials and tribulations of working in this industry.

Each week, listeners can enjoy conversations with fascinating women that have built impressive careers in the expansive food and beverage world. A 17-year veteran sugar artist and entrepreneur, Stankiewicz has a special insight into this world and creates a space where guests can share practical experience and advice that can help inform anyone looking to break into this competitive and storied industry. Featured segments will include “Tasting Notes,” an opportunity to share food or drink with the featured guest; “What I Wish I Knew,” a piece of sage, hard earned wisdom from the guest that would have made a difference to them when they were starting out; an interview with the guest and finally an insight into the LDNY organization and their outreach.

“We are thrilled to partner with Penny on LDNY’s first ever podcast series,” said LDNY Co-Presidents Jenifer Lang and Jen O’Flanagan in a joint statement. “Our goal as an organization is to uplift and advance women in our industry. Creating a platform where our members can share stories, give advice, and reflect on the ever-changing landscape of food and beverage is an exciting milestone for us.”

Featured guests for Season 1 will include:

  • DJ Cherish the Luv, Living the Dream’s Music Supervisor and soundtrack creator
  • Jen O’Flanagan and Jenifer Lang, the current co-presidents of LDNY
  • Ellie Krieger, host of the Food Network series Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger
  • Adrienne Cheatham, 2018 Top Chef finalist
  • Rosemary Trout, Food Scientist and featured star of the Epicurious series Four Levels
  • Alexandra Leaf, Food Historian and owner of Chocolate Tours of NYC
  • Joy Cho, Chef and renowned Gem Cakes creator
  • Jackie Stone, CMO of LiveOne

Living the Dream is distributed on LaunchpadOne, LiveOne’s cutting-edge technology hosting platform with customizable design elements, a podcast player and distribution tools to publish on all major listening apps including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast and Pocket Casts and others. A preview episode is available now, and episodes will continue to be released on Mondays, available wherever podcasts are heard.

About Les Dames d’Escoffier New York (LDNY)

LDNY is an unparalleled collective of forward-thinking and successful female leaders in all sectors of the food, beverage and hospitality industries. Located in the most dynamic and competitive city in the world, LDNY is the founding and largest chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier International (LDEI), an experienced 501c3 non-profit organization. Its mission is to advance and support aspiring professional women in food and beverage, as well as to champion critical industry issues. LDNY’s vision is guided by three objectives: Education, Advocacy and Philanthropy. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

About Penny Stankiewicz

Sugar Couture Founder Penny Stankiewicz has been delighting her customers with custom cake creations for over a decade.  A graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts and the Institute of Culinary Education, Penny has embraced opportunities to bring many innovative cake projects to life for discerning clients throughout New York, including: American Express, Edelman, Vogue, Showtime, Tory Burch, and Madison Square Garden. Penny also led popular cake decorating classes at the 92nd St. Y, helped build the recreational culinary and baking programs at Sarah Lawrence College, and has led cake classes at the International Culinary Institute and Institute of Culinary Education, where she currently teaches in the Art of Cake Decorating. Penny was also honored to teach at DeGustibus Cooking School in Macy’s and is a 2020 inductee to Les Dames d’Escoffier.

The Next Big Bite 2021

NEW YORK (November 11, 2021) – The kitchen as command central, our home’s center for nourishment to entertainment, is here to stay.  That’s just some of the big news to emerge from The Next Big Bite; the annual forecast presented by Les Dames d’Escoffier New York (LDNY), the nonprofit educational, scholarship and advocacy organization serving women in the culinary and hospitality industry.

Co-keynote speakers Chef/Author Marcus Samuelsson and Author/Activist Grace Young opened the conversation led by Culinary Personality and LDNY member Tara Bench, that ranged from the quarantine’s effect on food sources and the rebirth of victory gardens, to the landscape that changed drastically in our homes and restaurant communities, how our kitchens and dining experiences will evolve with an assist from new technology, and that restaurants will continue to be essential for our emotional recovery.

Samuelsson pointed out the silver lining gleaned during the pandemic as he noted, “More chefs cooked at home, everyone cooked at home, {we} became more informed cooks, more passionate home cooks.”

The virtual discussion and scholarship fundraising event featured food entrepreneur panelists Samuel Dennigan, CEO, Strong Roots; Jane M. Freiman, Founder, Smart Kitchens Insight; Eve Turow-Paul, Food Culture Expert; and Karen Washington, Co-Owner, Rise & Root Farm. 



Minimizing food waste

-Alternative proteins on the rise

-Plant-based food consumption skyrocketing (also a trend from past The Next Big Bite)


-Robotics at home:  front door temperature checks and sensors, air purifiers, cordless/touchless appliances

-Indoor growing systems that enhance sustainability, health, and control of your food system


-Cultural diversity and reviving traditions; the lunchtime family meal returns in what is now also a laboratory and party space

-Kitchen design; materials innovation drives safety and usage, open concept reverts to purpose-built or multi-use rooms with privacy

-Walk-in pantries/butler pantries return – storage and preparation remain top of mind in light lockdowns and supply issues

-Creating indoor-outdoor kitchen spaces for healthier living that include satellite prep, cook and dining areas that flow from kitchen to entertaining space.


-Addressing food insecurity, food deserts and the rise of community gardens and community fridges

Young, who remains passionate about people cooking from cookbooks at home also acknowledged that while the home cook pro soared in putting three meals a day on the table, restaurant culture remains a part of our lives.   And that was threatened, as she noted “It was devastating to discover legacy businesses and restaurants that were part of Chinatown for decades, never reopened. We lost mom and pop restaurants and markets that were the heart and soul of the community.”  

She urged everyone to join her #SaveChineseRestaurants, the nationwide Instagram campaign that she launchedin partnership with the James Beard Foundation and Poster House.

The Next Big Bite was sponsored by Kerrygold

About Les Dames d’Escoffier New York

Les Dames d’Escoffier is the preeminent organization of women who are leaders in the fields of food, fine beverage, and hospitality. The New York chapter (LDNY) is the founding and largest of the 45 chapters in the United States and abroad. Established in 1976 by Carol Brock (food reporter for the Sunday New York Daily News at the time), LDNY has more than 160 members.

For headshots, expert quotes, event announcement, and logos click HERE.

Press Contact The Next Big Bite: Joyce Appelman,

Follow @LesDamesNY via IG FB Twitter and LinkedIn

Kathryn Gordon - LDNY Dame and Launch a Food Product Course Co-creator
Kathryn Gordon – LDNY Dame and Food Startup Help Co-creator

Launch A Food Product Course

December, 2021

LDNY Dames Kathryn Gordon and Jessie Riley, along with Jeff Yoskowitz, have created a unique online course specifically targeted to entrepreneurs preparing to launch a food product. These three industry experts are partners in Food Startup Help – a team of experienced chefs, product developers, and educators. The course includes a detailed e-book exclusive to the platform – Food Business Idea to Reality – as well as a video library featuring industry specialists and unique content.

Food entrepreneurs will learn how to design a product launch, develop financial projections, find the right manufacturing solutions, and optimize their sales approach. All of these learnings are offered with direct guidance from other food business owners, co-packers and industry experts. 

The course features:

  • Simple enrollment
  • Convenient on-demand online access
  • Three subscription levels that can be upgraded at any time

Premium customers receive:

  • A one-of-a-kind food business financial planning template – this is essential for loan applications, determining viability, product costing, and MSRP
  • Management templates and resources related to product development, production, packaging, marketing, and other key points of interest
  • One-on-one consulting services for more personalized advice and guidance from our team of experts

Jessie Riley - LDNY Dame and Launch a Food Product Course Co-creator
Jessie Riley – LDNY Dame and Food Startup Help Co-creator

We share the news of the passing of previous LDNY Chapter President, Dame Linda Lawry

It is with deep sadness we share the news of Dame Linda Lawry’s passing. A past president of Les Dames NY Chapter, highly respected colleague and dear friend, Linda’s influence knew no bounds, mentoring and sponsoring many of our own members in addition to countless LDNY and IWC scholarship recipients.

Recently retired from her longtime position of Director at International Wine Center, under Linda’s tenure more than 300 students earned the rigorous WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Diploma. Linda’s achievements were impressive and wide-ranging. Wine expert was top of her list, earning a WSET Diploma in 1997.

Linda was a Certified Wine Educator, Certified Specialist of Spirits of the Society of Wine Educators, and a trained chef. She served on the Board of Directors of the Society of Wine Educators and was a past President of Les Dames d’Escoffier New York Chapter.

Linda was also a member of the faculty of New York University from 1997 until 2016 in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, where she taught a wine and spirits course.

We hope you’ll also read the many wonderful tributes being posted on Facebook and elsewhere, including a loving memory shared by Dame May Matta-Aliah on Instagram at @inthegrape. The kind words being shared around the globe are a testament to Dame Linda Lawry’s contributions to LDNY and beyond and will ensure her legacy is longstanding. Rest in peace, dear Linda.

Remembering Former LDNY President Linda Lawry
Remembering Former LDNY President Linda Lawry

Our Founder, Carol Brock

Carol Brock, who founded Les Dames d’Escoffier in 1976, recently passed away. Her impressive career in food journalism began in 1944 as assistant food editor at Good Housekeeping and went on to include a decade stint as the food reporter for New York Daily News and a restaurant critic for the Times/Ledger, among many other achievements. The society she founded for women “in a male-dominated culinary world” over four decades ago is now an international organization of 45 chapters across the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France and Mexico, with over 2,400 members. Read more about her distinguished career and lifetime of service here.