A Great Opportunity to Raise Scholarship Funds 

Charitybuzz, an organization with global access to individuals who want – and are willing to pay for – the best of the best, is partnering with LDNY!  This means our members and their networks can raise significant amounts of money, by contributing one-of-a-kind experiences, exclusive access to special events, and extraordinary products.  

Note that these experiences do NOT have to be limited to New York, or even US based.  Since bidders come from – and can easily go – anyplace in the world to enjoy their winning auction lot!

Food & Wine is the first curated auction we will participate in – running from July 20th – August 5th.  It’s easy – Charitybuzz builds and manages the site and promotes it to its customers.  Lots must be finalized by mid-June, to allow for copy to be written, images to be gathered and all necessary approvals from everyone involved.  

Here’s how you can help Charitybuzz customers: 

Past auction lots have included: 

This is a fantastic way to bring in scholarship funds, while elevating your or your client’s personal brands due to the buzz-building nature of this initiative.

Do you have personal or professional access to people or places that would attract big bucks in an auction? LET US KNOW!

Please contact Dame Francine Ryan with questions and ideas, at francines.fudge@gmail.com, 917.796.7586