LDNY Dame Silvia Baldini shares the following on her recent feature in La Cucina Italiana:

“It is a privilege to be featured in the trend sections of La Cucina Italiana by Daniela Savone (@italiangalwithawoodenspoon). The Dolomites inspire many of my recipes, including the one featured for this article, a luxurious pink roasted venison with blueberries that I serve with creamy polenta.

Since we cannot travel, I hope this gorgeous and beautifully-written article by Daniela will transport you for a short while to the Dolomites for a breath of fresh air.

My Pink Roasted Venison with Polenta and Blueberry Jam recipe has a big place in my heart; it is as profound as my love for the Italian mountains, which I miss so very much.

This quote I shared with the author captures my sentiments perfectly: “I love the kind of eating offered in the mountains. The simple ingredients, the smell of the fireplace, and the unforgettable desserts.”

The styling by Lisa Homa (@lisahoma) and the photography by Bette Blau (@randazzoblau) for this article are regal and perfetti.”

Recipe by Silvia Baldini, Food Styling by Lisa Homa, and Photography by Bette Blau.
La Cucina Italiana with Silvia Baldini