Congratulations Dames Karen Goodlad and Liz Schaible So excited for you both as you begin new journeys!
LDNY shares news of the passing of the wine glass!
Important milestones should be celebrated!
Dame Liz Schaible retires as Chairperson of the Department of Hospitality Management at NYC City Tech (CUNY) and Dame Karen Goodlad is appointed Interim Chair. Liz led the department for 15 years and among her many accomplishments she is most proud of leading the department through a major curriculum change with the expansion of food and beverage courses including many wine classes that Karen teaches and nurtures. Most recently, Liz shepherded the department back to in person learning after a period of remote teaching. As the next Chair, Karen looks forward to ensuring tomorrow’s leaders are prepared to thrive and drive the future of our industry and plans to focus on curriculum development and bridging industry connections.