• Members $45 / General Public $55 / Students (limit to 15) Free.
  • Must register by May 20th to receive a tasting box. All who purchase a ticket will receive a tasting box. Students who register for free will not get the box.
  • Tasting box delivered prior to the event includes 4 olive oil samples, crackers, and dark chocolate. Shipments only to within USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Every full price registration will be entered into a raffle to win an olive oil assortment valued at over $90. Each $5 add-on will purchase another entry in the raffle.
  • Ticket sales are final (no refunds).

To eat, to heal, to beautify and to fuel, olive oil has a long and storied history as an essential of daily life. This liquid gold has been prized for centuries, used in Ancient Egypt to embalm the dead, in Greece to anoint athletes and kings, and in Rome to light lamps and fuel chariots. Olive oil has been cultivated for over 6,000 years and continues to hold a place on every table. A deceptively simple fruit that nourishes us, heals us, and connects us all through history, quality olive oil continues to be a prized commodity, and to fuel a vibrant business world layered with history and intrigue that pits some of the savviest business people against this competitive market.

LDNY’s Entrepreneur Committee is excited to invite you to join us for our first Premiere Olive Oil Event. The first hour will host an esteemed international panel that will share an insider’s look at what it takes to bring this ancient business into modern times. This event is for passionate olive oil devotees as well as anyone looking to learn more about growing a product-based business from the experts. Learn the truth behind getting a specialty product into the market from those who know it best. Explore the importance of sourcing quality oil, the necessity of consumer education, building a brand to get in front of buyers, strategic social media, and standing out while supporting the competition.

Featured on the panel discussion:

  • Lori Jean Levy, My Global Table
  • Maria Loi, Loi Food Products
  • Marie-Charlotte Piro, Olio Piro
  • Maria Reyes, UNFI
  • Cristina Stribacu, LIÁ Premium Olive Oil Moderated by Penny Stankiewicz, Sugar Couture

The second hour of this deep exploration event will be a blind olive oil tasting. Alexis Kerner of the Olive Oil Workshop will lead you through an educational tasting of olive oil. Learn how to tell good from bad, what quality really means, navigate the labels, the meaning of awards, and how to communicate this experience to your consumer.

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