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Our President's Latest Letter

December, 2016

Dear Dames,

As we approach the end of 2016, I am honored to greet you with December's President's Letter as we look forward to 2017.

The commemoration of LDNY's 40th anniversary, and the continuation of the celebration of that legacy into the new year gives us an opportunity to come together as a community, stronger and more robust than ever. You are all the links in the chain of our 40-year tradition and deserve to be recognized for the important contributions you have made and continue to make to our remarkable organization - in professional development, sponsorships, scholarships, mentoring, membership, and more.

This past year has included an enriching agenda of monthly member activities that showcased unique events to build scholarship support, the successful, second annual The Next Big Bite panel, a well-attended 40th anniversary gala/new member induction, and the recent, festive Holiday Party hosted by Dame Maria Loi at Loi Estiatorio.

As always, the New York Chapter was well represented at the LDEI Conference in Washington, D.C. by many of our members. By all accounts, it was a most inspirational few days.

The LDNY Website has been beautifully redesigned to include comprehensive information and updates. I encourage you to check the website regularly for news and views about our Chapter at www.ldny.org

Introducing the New LDNY Board

A number of our members have stepped up to join the LDNY Board in 2017 to commit their time, talent, and contributory ideas. You will be hearing from them. I ask that you give them your help and best thoughts.

President:Joan Brower
Vice President:Sharon Franke
Secretary:Ronnie Campbell
Treasurer:Kavita Patel
Directors at Large: Beth Allen, Donna Boland, Karen Goodlad, Rachel Litner, May Matta-Aliah, Barbara Sibley, Joan Coukos Todd, Marjorie Wolfson

Parliamentarian Deborah Mintcheff and Immediate Past President Linda Lawry, who will serve as Board Advisor, will join us at all monthly Board meetings to provide their ongoing wisdom and guidance, as well.

Getting to Know You

A new format has been created for LDNY's E-Newsletter that will share "Member News and Sponsorship Offerings" to our Chapter on a regular basis. I urge all of you to share ongoing information about your work, play, activities, interests and achievements so that we may include them in upcoming newsletters. This is an outstanding way to increase our connections to one another and to get to know each other better as both friends and professionals.

Additionally, if you or your clients and contacts would like to share special promotional offers with Chapter members, please contact me and Dame Ronnie Campbell with that information, as well.

Program Planning for 2017 -- Inspirational and Entertaining

In the coming year, a robust program of exciting events are being planned, beginning with a "Welcome New Year Party" scheduled January 9th at Dame Barbara Sibley's Holiday Lounge, 75 St. Marks Place. Please make your reservation, if you have not already done so.

Call-Out for New Committee Members

Engagement in the Mission and Values of Les Dames d'Escoffier's New York Chapter is integral to the purpose of our organization. We are a Culture of Service that can only thrive if our members are contributory. With this in mind, I urge you to reach out to volunteer for service in one of our many Committees. Your interest and expertise will make an enormous difference to LDNY. New members are needed on most of the Committees. For information about each of LDNY's Committees and other initiatives, and to select one that is of greatest interest, I ask you to contact Dame Sharon Franke.

In closing, please know that I am here to serve you, as is the Board of Directors. In turn, we know that you are here to serve LDNY. Most importantly, we are here to serve one another.

In this spirit of camaraderie, and as we look forward to 2017, I wish all of you a joyous holiday season and very Happy New Year!

Best regards,
Dame Joan Brower

Joan Brower

President, LDNY
E-mail: Brower180@aol.com

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