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Our President's Latest Letter

June, 2016

We are Renewed!

Nearly every LDNY member has renewed her membership for the upcoming year. This is such good news. It means that we’ll continue to participate in all the exciting endeavors of our organization. And we will soon know who ournew 2017 members will be. This is thanks to Chair Dame Rita Jammet and her committee, who are hard at work to bring us the very best new members. Thanks to all for your continued support.

The Scholarship Reception

On Wednesday, July 20th we will salute our Scholarship Winners for 2016-2017. Happily, the location is once again the International Culinary Center at 462 Broadway. The start time is 5:30 PM. It’s very important that you attend this celebration to show your support for thescholarship recipients.It’ll be fun and very rewarding.

A Great Time Was Had

A report from Ronnie Campbell on the June 27th program “Wine, Nibbles and Networking with Dames from Out of Town”: After a full, long day at Summer Fancy Food Show, local and out-of-town LDEI members, colleagues and friends gathered and enjoyed a festive evening of Wine, Nibbles & Networking, organized by LDNY. Dame Lori Tieszen, CMO for Stoli Group USA, made their headquarters’ stylishly appointed private bar in Midtown Manhattan available for the get-together. It was a full house and wonderful way to unwind with out of town Dames that included Karen Hudson (Monterey Bay), Katherine Thomas Frankstone (Charleston), Reta Ann Martin (Boston), Brenda McDowell (Chicago), Lee Murphy (British Columbia), Terry Thomsen (Cleveland) and Carolyn Worthington (Philadelphia), plus many special guests. The excellent wines poured were Malbec Mendoza and Quimera, a Malbec blend from Argentina’s Achaval-Ferrer, in addition to a Chardonnay, Rosé and Tempranillo from Spain’s Hacienda de Arinzano line. Wines were paired with a bountiful cheese and charcuterie tapas plate, also graciously provided by Dame Lori Tieszen and Stoli Group USA.


We will Travel to a North Fork Winery on Long Island

On Sunday, September 11th we will visit Paumanok Winery which has a reputation as one of the best on Long Island. Theirspecial wine was even served at the White House! Our wonderful Dame Ursula Massoud and her family will show us around the beautiful vineyards and inside the winery to learn about their methods and philosophy. We will get to taste the wines and enjoy lunch on the terrace. It will be a great program. Save the date.

We Celebrate Our New Members and We Are 40!

On Monday, September 26th we’ll induct the Dames who are joining our chapter this year. We will also celebrate our chapter’s 40th Anniversary - a momentous occasion to be sure. Some of the founding members will be attending – what an honor.Thanks to Chair Dame Sharon Franke,we’ll celebrate atRotisserie Georgette,a beautiful, award-winning restaurant. This is a not-to-be-missed event. Save the date!

The Next Big Bite is Coming

Anyone who attended The Next Big Bite last October can attest to the fact that it was a terrific event. Mark your calendar for Monday, October 17th. The Chairs, Dames Alison Awerbuch and Suzi O’Rourke are committed to making this event even better than the last year’s.

From Alison:

Rita Jammet has done a terrific job getting commitments from Martha Teichner (NY & Charleston Dame), CBS News, as our esteemed moderator, and our list of panelists to date are Carla Hall (NY & DC Dame) TV Personality, Chef, Cookbook Author &Restaurateur (pending/to be finalized in August), Nilou Motamed, Editor in Chief Food & Wine and Talia Baiocchi, Editor in Chief punch.com, an acclaimed beverage website. We are still finalizing the last panelist.
Our Executive Committee includes past Co-Chairs Marsha Palanci & Aileen Robbins, along with Rita Jammet, Vanessa Trost, Sharon Franke, Linda Pelaccio, Jeanne Voltz, Joan Brower, Rachel Litner, May Matta-Aliah & Lori TieszenWe have a few additional Dames who have volunteered, but WE NEED YOU, TOO! We have our next committee meeting on July 6 and then we will be reaching out to members to assist on different sub-committees. In the meantime, if you want to volunteer or assist with sponsorship, please contact Suzi or Alison.

Cookies and Conversation

Don’t you just love cookies? Chef Dorie Greenspan, called a ‘cooking guru’ by the NY Times, knows everything about cookies and she will give us an earful and an eyeful on their infinite varieties and how to make them. Then we’ll get to taste! What fun. Save the date -Thursday, November 3rd. It will take place at theSur la Table store on 57th St. and Dorie’s new cookie cookbook will be available.
It’s summer! In August we’ll take a little break from our programs. Enjoy some warm relaxing days before we get back together. In September things will get very lively again.

Best regards,

Linda Lawry

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