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LDNY 2018 Inductees Dinner

With 61 guests, the Gala Induction event had a terrific turn-out. Little Park was an attractive setting, appropriately sized for the crowd and well lighted for photographs. The food was sensational with guests singling out the restaurant’s signature Beetroot Tartare appetizer, Long Island roast duck, wild mushroom medley, and fromage blanc cheesecake, in particular.

Franciacorta sparkling wines were poured during the cocktail hour and with the appetizer and main courses. Not only did they enhance the celebratory nature of the occasion, but they showed us how well bubbly pairs with a variety of rich and savory foods. With dessert a selection of Armagnacs was served, ending the evening in spectacular fashion. Dame May Matta-Aliah made the donation of the wines possible and offered tasting notes to the group.

Throughout the evening, the atmosphere, to quote many Dames, “was electric”. The enthusiasm of our new class of 13 Dames was so strong it was palpable. Among the inductees was Tanya Manuali Bastianich, daughter of soon-to-be Grande Dame Lidia Bastianich who spoke movingly about her daughter in introducing her. All of the new members were presented with LDNY Tiffany charms, packaged in the store’s signature robin’s-egg blue boxes, and they contributed to making them feel welcomed and special.

Among the benefits of Little Park was the availability of a wireless mic and a television screen which made it possible for us to run the slideshow of pictures from LDNY’s archives in a continuous loop.

Three coveted items were raffled off: a Le Creuset Dutch oven in the newest Oyster color, a Mauviel copper sauté pan, and a professional KitchenAid blender. The raffle generated over $1000 in revenue.

Thanks to the generosity of Dame Joan Coukos, everyone went home with a tin of Chocolat Moderne’s Snake Charmer Drinking Chocolate. Photographer Leon Carter provided a beautiful selection of pictures, with many excellent shots of our new members with their sponsors, plus many candids.

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