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2013 Scholarship Recipients

In 2013, Les Dames d'Escoffier New York awarded twenty-three scholarships to talented and deserving women pursuing careers in the food, nutrition, beverage, and hospitality professions. These dynamic women came together at the Annual Scholarship Awards Event to celebrate their achievements. Margaret Happel Perry, president of Les Dames d'Escoffier New York, said, "Each year, the level of accomplishment becomes higher. It seems the applicants intuitively build on the success of previous winners. The preparation and dedication all the recipients give to shaping their future careers tells us they will, indeed, change the world, our industry, and the lives of others. And we give them yet another tool for future success by pairing each winner with an LDNY mentor for the coming year." Applicants are required to submit an essay describing their achievements, career goals, and merits for financial sponsorship. An applicant's résumé, transcripts, along with professional and personal references, are considered. This year's participating colleges are: Cornell University, The Culinary Institute of America, CUNY Kingsborough Community College, CUNY New York City College of Technology, Institute of Culinary Education, The International Culinary Center, International Wine Center, Montclair State University, and New York University.

Francesca Filippini
2013 LDNY Founders' Scholarship

The most prestigious scholarship awarded by LDNY is given this year to the student with the most outstanding credentials. Les Dames d'Escoffier New York is the society's leading and largest chapter and 2013 was the 37th anniversary of the chapter's founding and our unique award given to Francesca Filippini celebrated this important LDNY occasion.

Francesca Filippini is a Dean's List student pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. Her career goal is to serve and welcome others by sharing her passion for good food. Cornell is giving her incomparable insights into the hospitality industry as she shapes her ambitions to be a restaurateur. Pastries are her forte. A natural leader and award winner, Francesca has done much community outreach through the Girl Scouts Advocacy Network.



Jacqueline Ourman
2013 Melitta USA Scholarship

Jacqueline Ourman is studying culinary arts management at the Institute for Culinary Education. On discovering serious food allergies in her children, she left her successful banking career to pursue a career where she could learn the skills needed to help her family with their food choices. She sees her newly acquired knowledge helping her make restaurants become more allergy-aware and menu-friendly to this important constituency.



Nicole Carmona
2013 Culinary Institute of America Pastry Arts Scholarship

Specializing in baking and pastry arts plus restaurant management within her bachelor degree program at The Culinary Institute of America, Nicole Carmona is already planning her long-term and very definite career goals. Immediately, she hopes the semester away program will enhance her knowledge of wine and hospitality; her ultimate ambition is to work for an events catering company, which will give her an opportunity and the satisfaction of helping charities and their fund-raising efforts.



Christina D'Alessandro
2013 Abigail Kirsch Scholarship

Christina D'Alessandro is a student in the bachelor's program at The Culinary Institute of America, specializing in baking and pastry arts. During her externship and being involved in providing desserts for many and varied occasions, she discovered that she really wanted to become an events planner. Christina has come to appreciate how all her experiences have helped shape this career goal, especially in the areas of outreach and fund-raising events.



Anna Hahn
$1,000 Wendy Burrell Mintzer Scholarship

Anna Hahn is studying at The International Culinary Center and specializing in pastry arts. For Anna, it has been a long journey of discovery to find her bliss. Her previous stellar education, focused on French language and literature and its teaching, culminated in a doctorate, yet left her less than fulfilled. Now she applies her extraordinary talents and her passion to a new career as a pastry chef, looking forward to the joy of weaving together all its satisfying cultural traditions.



Jessica Galen
$1,000 Society of Wine Educators Scholarship

A distinguished academic background from Harvard has led Jessica Galen to New York University and to discover a passion for wine, and especially wine and cheese pairings. Her courses at NYU have sparked an immediate ambition to write a practical book about wine targeted to young professionals who feel overwhelmed by choices. Her goal is to own a wine and cheese shop, making it a happy combination of both education and indulgence.

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2013 LDNY Founders Scholarship
Francesca Filippini
Mendham, NJ
$3,500 Founders Scholarship

2013 Corporate Scholarships
Jacqueline Ourman 
Irvington, NY 
$2,000 Melitta USA Scholarship

Anaisabel Montenegro 
Clifton, NJ 
$1,000 American Roland Food Corporation Scholarship

Jessica Galen
New York, NY
$1,000 Society of Wine Educators Scholarship

2013 Memorial Scholarships
Anna Hahn
Brooklyn, NY
$1,000 Wendy Burrell Mintzer Scholarship

2013 Named Scholarships
Christina D'Alessandro
Poughkeepsie, NY
$2,500 Abigail Kirsch Scholarship

Dayleny Dominguez
Newark, NJ
$2,500 Margaret and Darby Perry Scholarship

Petra Panak
Rego Park, NY
$2,000 Cornerstone Hospitality Scholarship

Kristi Fanelli
Cherry Hill, NJ
$2,000 Judith B. Prince Scholarship

Tania Lopez
Bronx, NY
$2,000 Renee and Nathalie Judith Marton Scholarship

Claire Velighan
East Moriches, NY
$1,800 Meryl Rosofsky "Sustainable Food, Sustainable Life" Scholarship

Jessica Tam
Brooklyn, NY
$2,500 Culinary Advancement Scholarship

2013 LDNY Members Scholarships
Siobhan Wallace
Brooklyn, NY
$3,500 LDNY Members Scholarship

Brianna Langan
Brooklyn, NY
$3,500 LDNY Members Scholarship

2013 Culinary Partnership Scholarships
Nicole Carmona
Yonkers, NY
$5,000 Culinary Institute of America Pastry Arts Scholarship

Payton Hensley
Wantage, NJ
$5,000 Culinary Institute of America Culinary Arts Scholarship

Catherine Sciortino
New York, NY
$5,000 International Culinary Center Classic Pastry Arts Scholarship

Ananda Eidelstein
New York, NY
$5,000 International Culinary Center Classic Culinary Arts Scholarship

Yadire Ximenez
New York, NY
$2,500 Institute of Culinary Education Baking and Pastry Arts Center

Cecily McAndrews
Brooklyn, NY
$2,500 Institute of Culinary Education Culinary Arts Scholarship

Christina Mariani
Harrison, NY
$1,500 Institute of Culinary Education Culinary Management Scholarship

Valerie Beckford
Cranford, NJ
$1,500 Institute of Culinary Education Hospitality Management Scholarship

Christine Erickson
Brooklyn, NY

$1,500 International Wine Center Scholarship


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