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2014 Scholarship Recipients

Two thousand and fourteen has witnessed the intense debate about the status of women in our industry - a debate that is not new. Our answer, as always, is LDNY's stellar scholarship program. We are celebrating our best and most successful scholarship year ever by honoring twenty-eight deserving winners and awarding $92,000 to these highly qualified students.

Through this program, our society continues to fulfill the mission we established almost forty years ago - to bring recognition to, and carve a career path for, women in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries.

Joanna Wyzgowska
$5,000 The Dunn Robbins Wine and Food Scholarship

Joanna graduated from the International Wine Center in May 2014, enrolled in the WSET Advanced Certificate course. She is currently a Winery Intern at The City Winter (NYC), as well as a Bartender at Marseille restaurant (NYC). She has worked at four other restaurants, which has given her wide experience in the world of wine and food. With an ever-increasing passion for and curiosity about the hospitality industry, her goal is to become a sommelier.



Peggy Zhang
$2,000 Melitta USA Scholarship

Peggy will grduate from New York City College of Technology, CUNY in June, 2016, majoring in Hospitality Management. Her work experience includes Customer Service/Yogurt Master at Chobani Soho in NYC and serving as a Monitor/Mentor for the Chinese-American Planning Council, NYC, placing over 400 studients in the Summer Youth Employment Program. Her goal is a career in catering and event planning.



Ellen Abrams
$5,000 2014 LDNY Founders' Scholarship

The most prestigious scholarship awarded by LDNY is given this year to the student with the most outstanding credentials. Les Dames d'Escoffier New York is the society's leading and largest chapter and 2014 was the 38th anniversary of the chapter's founding and our unique award given to Ellen Abrams celebrated this important LDNY occasion.

Ellen anticipates to graduate with an M.A. from New York University with a major in Food Studies in May 2015. She currently teaches at the Brooklyn Robot Foundry in Brooklyn and the Museum of Food and Drink in NYC. Trained originally as a mechanical engineer (one of less than 10 women in a class of 60), her research studies in the field of genetics/medicine, engineering, organic farming and sustainable development have taken her to Italy, Nepal, Uganda and Nicaragua. Her research as a food scholar is to examine the history of modern food science in order to better understand the relationship between food, technology, women and society



Samantha B. Adams
$1000 Edna Lewis Grande Dame of Southern Cooking Scholarship

Samantha graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in June 2014, majoring in Culinary Arts. Originally from Maysville, Kentucky, where she worked in restaurants and off-site catering, she was declared a Kentucky Colonel and Ambassador by the Mayor, for her contributions to the community. Her day job continues to be as a top salesperson at Patterson Dental (NY), where she won the Million Dollar Year Sales Award in 2011 and 2013. She saved up for several years in order to afford to study at ICE, since her goal is to stage in restaurants around the world, and then to open up her own restaurant, followed by multiple restaurants.



Stephanie Chavarria
$1,000 Roland Foods Scholarship

Stephanie graduated from Montclair State University this May, studying Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Dietetics. For two years, she has worked as a Nutrition Assistant at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson, NJ and also serves as a Nutrition Educator, as part of True Mentors, reading both parents and students. Having been challenged by and succeeded in overcoming nutrition and weight problems of her own, from the age of 14 she knew she wanted to be a dietitian, working specifically with childhood obesity. She hopes to complete a Master's in Public Health and Nutrition.



Lauren Elizabeth Hill
$5000 International Culinary Center, Classic Culinary Ars

Lauren anticipates to graduate from the International Culinary Center with her area of specialization being Culinary Arts - Farm to Table. Previous experience included working as a Server and Manager at a restaurant in Connecticut, after which she became the Assistant Steward of the Sea Education Association, managing the galley and planning and preparing 6 meals a day on board ship. A dedicated member of a local Community Supported Agriculture Program, she became interested in Farmers' Markets. Eventually, she will open her own restaurant that sources local, sustainably grown food and supports local farmers.



Laura Arnold
$10,000 Gaggenau Scholarship for Culinary Arts, ICC

Laura received the Grand Diploma in Classic Culinary Arts this June from the International Culinary Center. Previously, she had served as a Test Kitchen Intern at Good Housekeeping Magazine, and worked in editorial and social media at the Columbus Dispatch (Ohio). She also served as a research assistant for Ted Lee , of the Lee Brothers. Her restaurant experience includes internships at Jean-Georges and Nougatine in NY and Halcyon Flavors of the Earth in Charlotte, NC, designing projects that benefit the community. During her junior year in college, she served as an assistant to a female chef in Tanzania. Her goal is to pursue a career is food media, first working in test kitchens and later as culinary producer/educator.



Caitlin Keller
$1,800 Meryl Rosofsky "Sustainable Food, Sustainable Life" Scholarship

Caitlin anticipates to graduate with a Master of Arts in Food Studies from New York University in May 2015. Her hospitality experience includes working as hostess and server at restaurants, including Battersby (Brooklyn), as well as being a contributing writer for the food section of the Los Angeles Times. She interned at the Youth Farm at HSPS (Brooklyn) and at Easlen Farm and Garden(Big Sur, CA) She worked in restaurants in California and London. She is applying for the farm apprenticeship at the UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems, since she is interested in pursuing a career in sustainable agriculture, either starting her own business or working as a food policy coordinator.



Kimberly Oliveir
$1,000 Society of Wine Educators Scholarship

Kimberley is currently attending the International Wine Center, NYC, working towards her WSET Diploma (she holds the Advanced Award). She is a member of many top wine organizations, including the Society of Wine Educators (she earned the CSW certification), the French Wine Society and the Guild of Sommeliers. She is currently working as a Sommelier/Educator/Retail Salesperson at Wolffer Estate Vineyards in Sagaponack, NY. Previously, over a 5-year period, she was the Manager of Carrabba's Italian Grills in New York, Rhode Island and New Jersey. Her goal is to become a sommelier and educator, and to run a business, bringing people the best of quality, from wine to chocolate to cheese.



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2014 LDNY Founders Scholarship
Ellen Abrams
Colorado Springs, CO
LDNY Founders Scholarship, $5,000

2014 Corporate Scholarships
Samantha Edwards 
Upper Saddle River, NJ
Gaggenau Scholarship for Culinary Arts, CIA, $10,000

Laura Arnold 
New York, NY
Gaggenau Scholarship for Culinary Arts, ICC, $10,000

Joanna Wyzgowska 
Brooklyn, NY
The Dunn Robbins Wine and Food Scholarship, $5,000

Peggy Zhang 
Brooklyn, NY
Melitta USA Scholarship, $2,000

Ruth Grosjean
Union City, NJ
The Judith B. Prince Scholarship, $2,000

Kimberly Oliveir 
Medford, NY
The Society of Wine Educators Scholarship, $1,000

Stephanie Chavarria 
West New York, NY
Roland Foods Scholarship, $1,000

2014 Memorial Scholarships
Brittany Kearney 
Stratford, CT
The Josephine Chow Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

2014 Named Scholarships
Jessie Kuznitz
Rego Park, NY
The Abigail Kirsch Scholarship, $2,500

Daniella Tagino 
Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Culinary Advancement Scholarship, $2,500

Elena R. Suozzi 
East Northport, NY
The Margaret and Darby Perry Scholarship, $2,500

Carol Livingston 
New York, NY
The Renee Marton and Nathalie Judith Marton Scholarship, $2,000

Caitlin Keller 
Brooklyn, NY
The Meryl Rosofsky "Sustainable Food, Sustainable Life" Scholarship, $1,800

Samantha B. Adams
Brooklyn, NY
Edna Lewis Grande Dame of Southern Cooking Scholarship, $1,000

2014 LDNY General Fund Members Scholarships
Allison Wist 
New York City, NY
Food Studies: Awarded for outstanding potential in a career in food studies, $5,000

2014 Careers Through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP)
Barbara Tylko
Queens, NY
The Florence Griffith Memorial Scholarship, C-CAP, $3000

2014 Culinary Partnership Scholarships
Theresa Wickersheim 
Hackensack, NJ
Culinary Institute of America, Pastry Arts, $5,000

Lea Katherina
Jersey City, NJ
Culinary Institute of America, Culinary Arts, $5,000

Julia Mudloff
Colchester, CT
International Culinary Center, Classic Pastry Arts, $5,000

Lauren Elizabeth Hill 
Guilford, CT
International Culinary Center, Classic Culinary Arts, $5,000

Melanie Rivera 
Stamford, CT
Institute of Culinary Education, Baking and Pastry Arts, $2,500

Nicole Sancho
Brooklyn, NY
Institute of Culinary Education, Culinary Arts, $2,500

Amber Rill 
Ellensberg, WA
International Wine Center, $1,500

Samantha Whitlam 
New York, NY
Institute of Culinary Education, Culinary Management, $1,500

Amanda Waters
Floral Park, NY
Institute of Culinary Education, Hospitality Management, $1,500

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