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A TRUE TASTE OF KERRYGOLD. Get a taste of life on a real Kerrygold farm. Discover the hard work and dedication required to create some of the world's best dairy products. Visit https://www.kerrygoldusa.com/.

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Better meals are close at hand. Wolf, the brand synonymous with delicious results, presents Wolf Gourmet – countertop appliances and kitchen tools that embody the precision control of their larger counterparts. From prepping ingredients to the finished dish, with Wolf Gourmet, the dish you envision will be the dish you serve. For more information, visit www.subzero-wolf.com.


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At Handsome Brook Farm, they believe that the happier and healthier the hen, the tastier the egg. Their hens are pasture raised so they have the freedom to roam, rest, flap their wings and bask in the sun. While many farms have thousands of birds crammed into houses or cages, Handsome Brook Farm hens get at least 108 square feet per bird on rotated pastures – which is a lot for a one-foot-tall chicken – so you get the best-tasting and most humane eggs. Better Eggs.  Better Everything Else. Visit handsomebrookfarm.com.


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With nearly 40 years as an industry leader, Niman Ranch is a community of more than 720 independent family farmers and ranchers who raise livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably to deliver the finest-tasting meat. All Niman Ranch pork, beef, lamb and prepared products are certified under the Certified Humane® program and available nationwide at both food service and retail locations. Visit Nimanranch>.com.


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Email Inquiries: info@nimanranch.com


Anolon® is an established and dynamic brand in the gourmet cookware industry, offering a wide range of distinctive cookware collections. Anolon empowers home cooks to cook outside the recipe with a wide selection of high-performance, exceptionally-crafted cooking tools that enrich each home chef's unique cooking style.  Anolon® is offered by California-based Meyer Corporation U.S., one of the largest cookware companies in the United States. In addition to Anolon®, brands sold by Meyer Corporation U.S. include Circulon®, Hestan Nanobond™, Ruffoni®, Breville®, BonJour®, Farberware®, Rachael Ray®, Cake Boss™, Ayesha™, Paula Deen®, SilverStone®, and Meyer Commercialware. Visit www.anolon.com.


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 KITCHEN CHAT ™ (a multimedia platform including podcast, radio syndication, YouTube channel, and an extensive social media network) was launched by Margaret McSweeney to honor her late father and discover his joy of cooking. As host of Kitchen Chat, Margaret has produced over 250 interviews with some of the top chefs, cookbook authors and food industry executives. In 2016, she was awarded IACP Member of the Year and became a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier Chicago chapter in 2017. With a background in international business, McSweeney also is a brand consultant. Visit www.kitchenchat.info.


Facebook: @kitchenchat Instagram: @kitchenchat Twitter: @mcsweeney

The history of coffee would not be complete – or coffee as good – without the contributions of Melitta Bentz, inventor, innovator, entrepreneur and mother. Millions of people owe her a moment of thanks each morning. Melitta Bentz, literally changed coffee drinking one cup at a time, by inventing coffee filtration over 100 years ago.  Today, the Melitta company is still a leader in the world of coffee. Each day our company is dedicated to better coffee preparation. Visit www.melitta.com.


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Since 1814 WÜSTHOF has set the standard for designing and manufacturing precision- forged knives. Today the family business is in its seventh generation of ownership, under the management of Harald Wüsthof and Viola Wüsthof. Wüsthof knives are manufactured by a skilled team of around 350 dedicated workers in three high-output, ultra-modern production facilities in Solingen, Germany. Production follows strict rules in order to achieve the finest quality, while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly. Today more than 350 forged knives are available in the WÜSTHOF assortment, along with cutting boards, knife blocks, kitchen tools, and scissors bearing the famous Trident logo - a symbol of form, function, and uncompromising quality. Visit www.wusthof.com.


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Elysian Collection Merlot 2016 makes its debut at The Next Big Bite. Originating from organically farmed ranches, the Elysian Collection represents the interconnectivity of the vineyards’ biodiversity.  The label features a wildflower wreath-crowned ewe in homage to the sheep that roam the vineyards tending the cover crops between vine rows. This Merlot from Winemaker Jeff Cichocki opens with a harmonious chorus of black plum, carob, raspberries and soulful minerality on the palate and a satisfyingly long finish. Visit www.bonterra.com/wines/elysian-collection-merlot/.


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The Famous Grouse whisky was born in 1896, and today, holds the title of Scotland's favorite whisky for its superior taste and quality. The only company with a Master of Wood, Stuart MacPherson oversees all wood sourcing from planting to cask. Dedicated to the Mastery of the Blend, the quality of the Famous Grouse is expertly maintained by Master Blender, Kirsteen Campbell, the company's first and only female Master Blender. She ensures all malt blend are rested for smoothness and filtered at a higher temperature for unrivalled quality. Visit www.thefamousgrouse.com.


Facebook: @TheFamousGrouseUSA Instagram: @thefamousgrouse

Created in the Dominican Republic by Don Andres Brugal in 1888, Brugal is the largest-selling rum brand in the Dominican Republic and among the top five rum brands in the world. For more information, visit www.1888rum.com.


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Tequila Partida is the freshest expression of 100% Blue Weber Agave. Produced in the Tequila Valley in Mexico, Tequila Partida is ideal for mixing or sipping neat. The portfolio has four exquisite expressions; Partida Blanco (unaged), Partida Reposado (aged 6 months), Partida Anejo (aged 18 months) and Partida Elegante Extra Anejo (aged 40 months). Tequila Partida prides itself on quality and consistency, lending to its distinction as "the single malt of Tequila."


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