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 The seeds of the business go back to the 1960s when Abigail started a cooking school from the basement of her home. Her entrepreneurial spirit and early success drove her to quickly expand the school to a retail outlet, and a few years later, her husband, Bob, sold his company to join her in launching the catering business. Their son, Jim, joined the couple in 1980 and has been running the business with Partner & Chef Alison Awerbuch since the early 2000s. Rooted in the belief that, "We are only as good as our last event," its culture centers on creativity, planning and flawless execution. A passion for innovation, unparalleled food, menu selections, and presentations that evolve and celebrate the melting pot of world cuisine, combined with personal, caring and professional service, is the core of what creates the Abigail Kirsch Experience.


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The farm families that own Cabot Creamery Co-operative love what they do. And they’ve been doing it for a long time—every single day since 1919. Almost 100 years later, we’re proud of our thriving farms, strong communities, and happy, healthy cows that produce the rich, buttery milk that we use to make Cabot’s award-winning cheese and dairy products. We like to think those awards mean we’re doing something right. Of course, you’re a big part of this too. If you love eating our cheese as much as we love making it, then we’ll get to keep doing what we do for generations to come. We’re in this together—and we’re grateful for your support.


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Julia Child let people in on the Cuisinart secret and so did James Beard. They were among the first culinary experts to hail the food processor as a revolutionary kitchen appliance when it was introduced to America in 1973 by the late Cuisinart founder, Carl Sontheimer. They saw the food processor as a quick and easy way to make fine food and healthy dishes. Under management from Conair Corporation since 1989, the legacy is alive and well. Today, Cuisinart is a universally recognized name, endorsed by culinary connoisseurs such as Jacques Pépin and Hubert Keller. The prestigious Cuisinart® brand is not limited to food processors. Plugged or unplugged, nobody covers the kitchen like Cuisinart. The company is a full-service culinary resource with a wide array of products, preferred by chefs and favored by consumers. Our Mission is to Help You “Savor the Good Life®” 


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Founded in 1850, and located in Marcigny, a small town in the province of Burgundy, France, Emile Henry has established a worldwide reputation for manufacturing the finest quality ceramic ovenware, gourmet cooking products, and bakeware products. Still owned and operated by the Henry family, the company today manufactures all of their new cooking products from Burgundy clay using their proprietary High Resistance Oven Ceramic state-of-the-art manufacturing process. 


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The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) has launched thousands of creative careers in food. Founded in 1975 by Peter Kump, the school offers highly regarded eight to 13-month career training programs in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking, Culinary Management and Hospitality Management. With an in-depth global curriculum, dedicated chef-instructors, a strong record in job placements and a clear entrepreneurial focus, ICE is widely recognized as a premier pathway to begin or continue a culinary career. ICE also offers America's largest menu of recreational cooking courses and an active program of culinary special events. In 2015, ICE won the IACP's Culinary School Award of Excellence and relocated to a new, state-of-the-art 74,000 SF facility at 225 Liberty Street, overlooking the Hudson River in lower Manhattan. 


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Since 1976, when we pioneered the concept of providing dedicated, in-house event services to hotels and meeting venues, KVL Audio Visual has been delivering solutions for our customers. Over the years, we have grown to become a nationally-recognized provider of premier audio-visual services and technology, supporting conference centers, conventions and trade shows, and fulfilling the meeting and presentation needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. In addition to the more than ninety in-house locations we operate for hotels and convention centers, KVL maintain offices throughout the United States allowing us to serve customers both locally and nationally.


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At Mighty Leaf, we're passionate about whole leaf tea. Since our founders first opened their original San Francisco tea house, called Tea & Company, in 1996, it has been our goal to share the whole leaf tea experience with tea enthusiasts around the world. Our teas showcase larger, bolder tea leaves that are never broken, torn, or crushed, giving you a complex, nuanced taste that you can’t find anywhere else. Only whole leaves deliver the whole flavor and aroma to give you a luxurious and unique multi-sensory tea experience.


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Microplane®, a division of Grace Manufacturing Inc., is the premier brand worldwide for exceptionally sharp culinary tools that have revolutionized the way chefs and home cooks grate and zest a wide range of ingredients for flavorful, gourmet style cooking and baking. The family-owned and managed company designs and crafts 40+ Microplane kitchen tools.


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Plymouth Gin is a Protected Geographical Indication that pertains to any gin distilled in Plymouth, England. Today, there is but one brand, Plymouth, which is produced by the Black Friars Distillery. The Black Friars Distillery is the only remaining gin distillery in Plymouth, in what was once a Dominican Order monastery built in 1431, and opens onto what is now Southside Street. It has been in operation since 1793. Plymouth's Original Gin has garnered a substantial array of awards over the years, including four double gold, four gold, one silver, and two bronze medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition between 2006-2016. In 2016, Plymouth received double gold for its Plymouth Gin (Original Gin) and gold for its Navy Strength Gin in this competition.


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The dynamic pairing of premium products with relationship-building experiences is the very foundation of our people-powered business model, one that has proven time and again to enrich the lives of our independent business owners and their families. Through fostering relationships and sharing the Princess House opportunity with others, our independent business owners continue to achieve inspiring levels of personal and professional success.


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From Patagonia’s prairies, direct to your table, our mission is to provide the freshest, purest pasture raised and finished grass-fed beef – free of added hormones, free of antibiotics and full of flavor and goodness. Our cattle matter and they are humanely treated, free to roam and always on pasture – never huddled under a roof. We work with our farmers on healthy soil management practices to keep the land in its pure and ancient state, preserving Patagonia to be as fresh as how we found it. A winning standard, from Patagonia’s prairies direct to your table.


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At The Winebow Group we are passionate about fine wine and spirits. We are fortunate to work with products that we care about and with producers who we believe in. Their stories are unique and diverse, their approach is hands-on, and some have family histories dating back for generations. Knowing the culture, the history and the hard work behind a wine or spirit makes enjoying it that much more meaningful. It is this appreciation that we are excited to share with our customers.


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A company with a rich heritage spanning more than 200 years, Wüsthof is widely recognized as a leader in crafting premium quality, precision forged cutlery. Founded in 1814 in Solingen, Germany, Wüsthof remains a family owned and 7th generation family managed company. First-class cutlery engineered with precision and quality, Wüsthof knives are among the finest in professional culinary tools. Crafted in the cutlery capital of the world, Wüsthof knives bear the trident logo symbolizing passion, diligence and perfection.


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