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President's Letters

February 2015

The recent vote to change two of our by-laws was a smashing success. More than 50% of the membership is required for a vote to approve a change, and we had more than 66% vote to yes on both amendments.

The first was to reduce the number of members on the Board of Directors from 15 to 12. This will be achieved through attrition. As terms expire, fewer new members will come on as replacements, until we have achieved a total of 12. We believe that this streamlined Board will function more efficiently.

The second was to increase the minimum number of years of professional experience required for new members, from 5 to 10 years. We are raising the bar for membership in Les Dames.

Thanks to all who voted. It is important that every member participate in the running of our organization!

New Member Nominations

One of the things that sets LDNY apart from most non2profit organizations is that all of our members must be invited to join and must fulfill the membership requirements, as established by the chapter. Everyone also goes through an interview process, conducted by the Membership Committee. After the interview, the decision is made.

Our 2015 new members nomination process will begin in early March. We have already voted to require a minimum of 10 years experience in the food, beverage or hospitality industries. In addition, we will require all new members to serve on one of our committees during their first year as a Dame. This will give them a chance to know our organization from the inside and will also provide committees with fresh energy.

If there is a worthy person whom you would like to nominate for membership this year, consider inviting them to one of our programs, so that they can begin to get to know us.


We are most grateful to members who have established LDNY scholarships in their own name. In an attempt to make these awards even more significant, we will use the LDNY scholarship funds, which had previously been dedicated to additional scholarships, to become matching funds for the named scholarships. Those scholarships will now include the name of the donor and Les Dames d’Escoffier New York. We believe that they will now have an even greater impact on the lives of the recipients.

News notes:

At our next Salon event we will have the opportunity to learn about the life and career of an extraordinary LDNY member, Ariane Daguin, founder and owner of D’Artagnan. Known for her generosity, the event will take place at her home and we just might enjoy a few D’Artagnan treats while we are there. The invitation is going out shortly and space is limited, so if you wish to attend, be sure to sign up straight away.

Many more events are in the hopper for the coming months. Save the dates for two timely topics. A program on Cuban Cuisine and Culture is scheduled for Monday, April 27 at Suzi O’Rourke’s facility, Cooking by the Book. We will also have a “Harlem Sunday Supper” on May 17, which will explore the food and traditions of the area.

Our Programs Committee is always open to the possibility of an event proposal from a member. If there is a program that you would like to offer to our chapter, please be in touch with Co2Chairs, Jeanne Voltz, at jvoltz@nyc.rr.com and Joyce O’Neill at jyconeill@gmail.com.

I hope that you will stay warm and dry during this very stimulating winter weather!

Best regards,

Linda Lawry

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