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March 2015

The news of this month begins sadly. Members were heartbroken to learn of the death of our dear Jonell Nash. She will be greatly missed.

Wonderful testaments have been made to her, including a fine one on March 10th by Sam Roberts in the NY Times. Many members attended the tribute ceremony held in her honor on March 12. Suzi O’Rourke was kind enough to give us this remembrance.

“There are very few experiences in one’s life that will live on in memory. Today’s tribute event for Jonell is one of them for me. On March 12th, Riverside Assembly Hall was filled with hundreds of friends, family, co-workers and, naturally, Dames. The New York Chapter was about 18 strong including our leader Carole Brock. The speakers for the memorial spanned all aspects of her life. Her best friend Harriette Cole led the service off with beautiful pledge that she shared with the audience. It follows.

Each speaker was riveting, entertaining and informative about the life of Jonell. The consistent theme that each speaker retold was Jonell’s grace, sophistication and style. We were further entertained with two songs by Ebony Jo-Ann. Margaret Perry was one of the last speakers and told of her more than 30 years of wonderful shared experiences with Jonell.

With hundreds of people in attendance, there was abundant proof of the importance that Jonell represented to a wide spectrum of society. She clearly impacted lives and made impressions that will live long into the future. We were fortunate to have known her and worked with her. I’m sure that she will be an inspiration for all of us in the years to come. She will be sorely missed but never out of our minds.”

I pledge to do all I can do to be the best that I can be.
Otherwise, what’s the point? Jonell Nash

We are very grateful to have donations made to a scholarship created in her honor.


Our March 11, 2015 Salon with member Ariane Daguin was superb. Ariane is the owner and founder of D’Artagnan foods and has had an amazing life. Despite many challenges she has grown her company into a tremendously successful purveyor of high quality foods in New York, and now across the country. Her story is an inspiring one and she is a charming and down-to-earth speaker. We were lucky enough to be invited into her home, and plied with delicious D’Artagnan charcuterie.

In addition to Ariane, thanks to all who so hard worked to make this event a success: interviewer Patricia McCann, committee members Jan Hazard, Jennifer O’Flanagan, Joanna Pruess, and our splendid Program Co-Chairs Joyce O’Neill and Jeanne Voltz.


The LDEI Quarterly newsletter has Member Milestones in every issue. They are the achievements of the membership, including awards, the publication of books and articles, new business ventures, and many other endeavors. New York members have so many accomplishments. Please let the world of LDEI know about your triumphs. Send them to MemberMilestones@aol.com.

Did you know?

There are discounts available to us on a wide range of goods and services at the Les Dames d’Esoffier International website. To learn about them log onto the Member Center. There, under Dame-to-Dame and Affinity Programs, you will find many products – kitchen equipment from All Clad, Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid, as well as books, wines, food products and much more. Worth a look!

As we at last move into to the spring, be well and stay in touch.

Best regards,

Linda Lawry

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