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October 2015

The New Member Induction was Splendid

More than 80 Dames attended the induction at Lafayette restaurant on Monday, September 28th, to welcome our 7 new members. The restaurant is lovely and the food was excellent. We are so pleased to have these wonderful Dames join us. We grow and continue to be a vital organization because we are able to add such highly qualified new members every year. Credit goes to Dame Joanne Hayes and her committee, who worked so diligently to accomplish this. And a very big thank you to Dame Sharon Franke for creating the event. It was perfect.

Coming up….

Time to Sink Our Teeth into “The Next Big Bite”

Our big event is about to happen. It will take place on Monday, October 26th, and we are very excited that it has come together in such a great way. Cochairs Dames Marsha Palanci and Aileen Robbins together with their with their hardworking committees have been toiling away since the spring to ensure the event’s success. Our plan is to hold this event every year so that the attendance increases and the reputation of our organization broadens with the general public. There are still a few tickets left to purchase so come if you can and bring a friend.

The Annual General Meeting

It is important that our membership attend this meting on Monday, November 9th, 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The 2016 Board will be introduced and we will report on all that we have accomplished this year. Our newest members will be there and we particularly want to make them feel welcome and have a chance to meet the membership. Be there if you possibly can.

Jacques Pépin’s 80th Birthday

A celebration of Jacques Pépin’s 80th birthday will take place on November 17th at the Good Housekeeping test kitchen. His new book is called Heart and Soul in the Kitchen, and that is precisely what Jacques offers to his readers and viewers - his heart and his soul. Spending time with him will be an experience to remember.

The LDEI Conference

The conference in Charleston, SC, begins on October 28th. An amazing 25 plus LDNY members will attend this year, so the New York chapter will be very well represented. We’ll give a report next month.

Our fall schedule is exciting. Be a part of it!

Best regards,

Linda Lawry

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